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winterproject's Journal

The Winter Break Project
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This is the home of the Winter Break Project. One prompt daily starting on 18 December 2006 and ending on 2 January 2007, give or take. In response to each prompt:

dr_thompson: screenplays
ikillchipmunks: poetry
annakareninja: songs
lilypolo: paintings
notcory: photographs
randlepmcmurphy: plays

verbing_noun, zetavegavigi: TBA

Members, please tag your entries as follows:

If it's a prompt, use the tag "prompts" and "prompt __" (replacing "__" with a number: if it's the third prompt, then, it'll be "prompt 3")

If it's a response to a prompt, use the tags "responses," "prompt __" (replacing "__" with the number of the prompt it's in response to), and then a tag for the kind of response it is -- i.e. "plays," "photography," "poems," etc.